M&A Corporate


Kreich Avocats advises its clients on all legal issues pertaining to their companies or corporations from the first stages of incorporation through to liquidation proceedings.

Our corporate services include:

  • incorporation and legal follow-up of companies
  • capital transactions
  • restructuring operations
  • governance and compliance rules
  • conflict situations involving corporate law issues
  • insolvency procedures.



We assist our clients with reorganisation schemes (mergers, spin-offs, partial asset investments, dissolution-mergers¡­), with share participation schemes (capital investments, venture capital) and with the purchase or sale of titles and/or assets.

Furthermore, we advise our clients on the legal engineering to implement and the different phases of transactions (letters of intent, term sheets, organization, and monitoring of data rooms, acquisition audits, sale protocol, earn out agreement, shareholders’ agreement, asset and liability guarantee agreements, etc.) and assist them in implementing the right strategy for negotiations.